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Hiya, I'm Maki and I make stuff.

You will find that most of my work is with websites and NodeJS. I also use Linux daily and I'm trying to learn C/C++.

I'm love of things, anything todo with computers and math. Don't be scared to talk as I'm always glad to meet new people!


lil' projects

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other interests


I really love fashion. Generally I'm interested in J-fashion and lolita but I tend to wear simple and cutesy type of clothes.

I'm also really obsessed with shoes! Ballet flats and wedges are my two most favourite.

If you want to know what my style is like, I recommend you check out my Instagram, Storenvy and Tumblr.


Making music isn't something I'm amazing at, however I think it's really fun to make my own sounds and try to compose stuff.

Some of my work is over at my Soundcloud and Some off my favourite artists are Disasterpeace and bo en.


I've done a lot of realism (especially at school) and sometimes I do vector art too! I wish I was better at game design and cartoon drawing like anime

My favourite game designers are Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish.


Video games are awesome, especially puzzle and exploration games. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed though.

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