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Hiya, I'm Maki and I make stuff.

I love everything technological, web-related, mathematical and artsy. I'm always learning new things that I have too many skills to explain briefly here.

I don't mind meeting new people! Tho I can be pretty shy... aaah!!


I dont like this section of my site because
these aren't very impressive things.

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my interests

This is kinda cringy... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I can't be bothered to write information about myself. I'll fill this section out someday...


I love writing HTML and CSS, I'm so fluent at it too. I hate using libraries/framework and try to be as vanilla as possible. I've done lots of things like creating websites, dashboards, web apps, etc.

I also really enjoy doing vector art. Writing SVG or desiging in Illustrator is a thing I do often. I've also done lots of realism on paper (generally because of the stupid school curriculum).

I wish I was better at designing art for video games and cartoon drawing like anime. My favourite game artist is Phil Fish! <3


Making music isn't something I'm amazing at, however I think it's really fun to make my own sounds and try to compose stuff.

Some of my work is over at my Soundcloud and Some of my favourite artists are Disasterpeace and bo en.


Video games are awesome, especially puzzle and exploration games. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with them though, but I'll always enjoy a good Indie game.

Here's a list of my 6 most favourite games:

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